Alien Books is a brand new company in Grand Haven Michigan.  We would love to grow!  Will you please help by voting for us?   BELOW ARE THE DAYS LEFT TO VOTE!

Wilbur and I have entered an Entrepreneurial Contest.  To get in requires enough votes.  Below is information about the contest and instructions on how you can submit a vote.  Please visit the rest of our website and learn about Alien Books.  There is a short video on the About Us page also. Thank you for your support!
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About the Contest

Basically, this contest is very similar to the TV Show Shark Tank.  Five contestants each get Five minutes in front of a panel of Five judges and the winner get Five thousand dollars toward their business.

Here is a link to the contest website:

How to Vote

The 5×5 website is a bit challenging to maneuver so here are some buttons to help.

  1. You must register on the 5×5 website.  It’s totally legit so no worries and it’s easy using your Facebook login.

2. Vote for Us!  This is the Alien Books 5×5 Profile page and where you can cast your vote.

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