Educator Registration: Alien Books Student Edition

The cost of ordering the Alien Books Cadet Program for a classroom is not the same as ordering for an individual child.  As a teacher your students need books, access to the online Missions, and Alien Books Lesson Plans.  And so, we have a special Alien Books program for teachers.  The program includes:

  • 1. A *Deluxe Alien Book for each child 
  • 2. Printable PDF Lesson Plans for each Mission (sample Lesson Plan)
  • 3. Password and Login availability for each student.  (**see details below)
  • 4. One Wilbur’s Giant Wall Map of the World to hang in your classroom.
  • 5. Special Educator Discount on selected Wilbur’s Rewards Shopping Page.

*For individual Alien Books memberships the Cadet receives 4 separate books – Cooking, Fashion, Sports, and Music.  To keep printing costs down for classrooms, we combine all four books into one ‘Deluxe’ book.  It has all the same information, puzzles, mazes, and Missions, etc. as the individual books, just without some of the duplication.  This enables us to offer educators the same program to your students at a reduced cost.

**Just like in the individual Alien Books plans where the parent or other adult become the Cadet’s Earth Commander, you as the teacher become the Earth Command for your entire classroom.  Each time a student completes an online Mission, you will receive an email providing you all of the answers that student submitted online.

Alien Books Special Student Edition is 4 books in one.

We at Alien Books feel education is crucial to student development in the early grade levels and we do not want any classroom left behind because of funds.  

Cost of the Alien Books Educators Program is based on a per/student basis.  However, not all school districts or teachers have the same ability to pay.  Therefore, we will take each customer on a case by case basis.  Cost of this program is on a Sliding-scale fee.  For more information please contact us.

Wilbur's Giant World Map

When you order the Educators Edition of Alien Books for your classroom, we will send you a free Wilbur’s Giant World Map to hang in your room.It’s a great way for student to keep track of where they have traveled with Wilbur.  Plus, teachers receive an additional discount when ordering specified items from Wilbur’s online Reward Store.

Giving to those in need

With your purchase of an Educator Membership, Alien Books will donate $1 for each student in your class to Reach out and Read, a non-profit organization that advocates for childhood literacy based on the premise to “encourage parents to read regularly to their children and give them the tools to do so.”   Visit


Educators will not be asked to pay at the time of registration.  Go ahead and register now and we will get the ball rolling.  We will wait until we have corresponded with you to make sure we are fulfilling all your needs.  Once you are ready, we will send you a link for payment.

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