Alien Books for the classroom

Class drawing Wilbur’s friends

Mission Two – Making Fondant

Mission Six – Peanut Butter Playdough

Learning vegetables with Wilbur

Class drawing Wilbur’s spaceship

Alien Books in the classroom

We have a special Alien Books program for teachers and students.  Students will have access to the Alien Books and the online Missions. Teachers will have access to printable PDF lesson plans with Common Core standards in mind. Registration at bottom of page.

The program includes:

  • 1. A *Deluxe Alien Book for each child 
  • 2. Printable PDF Lesson Plans for each Mission (Sample Lesson Plan)
  • 3. Secure Password and Login availability for each student. 
  • 4. Wilbur’s Giant Wall Map of the World to hang in your classroom.
  • 5. Special Educator Discount on selected Wilbur’s Rewards Shopping Page.

“The children are now running into the room, pointing at the Wilbur Map on the wall, and asking ‘Where are we going today’.”   – Lisa S.  Teacher

Alien Books student edition is 4 books in one

Cost of the Alien Books student edition is based on a per/student basis.  However, not all school districts or teachers have the same ability to pay.  Therefore, we will take each customer on a case by case basis.  Cost of this program is on a Sliding-scale fee. Contact us, and we will gladly discuss a variety of options. 

Registration at bottom of page.

All your students on the same messaging system - easy to use

Alien Books will provide each teacher with the ability to create individual logins for their students. Students can then work across the missions at their own pace. Teachers are the students’ Earth Commander and will receive information to track student’s progress as they read the books and complete the missions. 

Registration at bottom of page.

Wilbur's Giant World Map FREE with registration

When you order the Alien Books student edition for your classroom, we will send you a free Wilbur’s Giant World Map to hang in your room.It’s a great way for students to keep track of where the class has traveled with Wilbur.  

Registration at bottom of page.


Educators will not be asked to pay at the time of registration.  We understand different schools have different budgets, and we will work with each school’s needs. To keep printing costs down for classrooms, we combine all four books into one ‘Deluxe’ book.  It has all the same information, puzzles, mazes, and Missions, etc. as the individual books.  

Registration at bottom of page.

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