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How does it work?

Your Cadet receives 4 printed books, one every 3 months, that correspond with interactive Missions on the website. Every time your Cadet completes a Mission, you are notified via email and/or text message so you can congratulate them on their accomplishment. You will receive all their Mission answers and photos or video they decide to attach as well. From there, you can send them a response email or visit Wilbur’s Rewards and pick a small gift which Alien Books will send to your Cadet to encourage them on to the next Mission.

How much does it cost?

All four books, online membership and activities, and a birthday card from Wilbur is $25.00 US.  Your Cadet will receive their first book, Cooking, shortly after registration.  The additional books, Fashion and Music and Sports, will arrive in quarterly installments (every 3 months).  That’s all four books, the online membership with activities, and birthday card from Wilbur for $32.00.

How long does it take?

As soon as you register your Cadet, they are sent a Welcome email with instructions and their login information.  The first book, Cooking, is online and so they can get started working on their Missions right away.  They will receive the printed books in 3 month intervals.

Alien Books in the classroom

Registration for both the Individual Version and the Educator Version for classrooms are available.

Alien Books has a classroom version where all four books are packaged into one.  For information, click below.

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