Here is how it works

Alien Books is a combination of printed workbooks and corresponding interactive website.  Your child (Space Cadet) will receive four workbooks including fun stories, articles, puzzles, and games on Cooking, Fashion, Sports, and Music from countries around the world.  Each workbook includes 8 work activity pages called Missions.  Each Mission in the workbook has a corresponding Mission Page on the myalienbooks.com website where your Cadet will find information, videos, helpful links, and more.  The online Mission Page is where your Cadet will complete his/her Mission and submit it to Star Command.  

Every time your Cadet completes a Mission, you are notified via email and/or text message so you can congratulate them on their accomplishment.  You will receive all their Mission answers and photos or video they decide to attach as well.  From there, you can send them a response email or visit Wilbur’s Rewards and pick a small gift which Alien Books will send to your Cadet to encourage them on to the next Mission.

Below is an example Online Mission



For each completed Mission your Cadet will receive Star Coins from Star Command!

Also, when the Cadet completes a Mission and hits the SUBMIT button, you will receive an email and/or text message notifying you of their accomplishment.  Included in your notification will be a link to the Star Command Prize Page where you can share your enthusiasm by sending your Cadet unique tokens and gifts to encourage them on.

The Four Simple Steps of the Mission

1. EXPLORE: Research, analyze, and investigate your material

  1. 2. EXECUTE: Plan and carry out your mission
  2. 3. COMMUNICATE:  Share what you have learned with others
  3. 4. TRANSMIT:  Upload and send your information
Each different Alien Book (Cookbook, Fashion, Sports, and Music) will have specific instructions included.  Below is an example of the Alien Cookbook instructions.

Step 1 EXPLORE: (This teaches basic research skills; how to find information, analyze the information required, and plan according to the assignments instructions)

    1. Find a recipe from a foreign country and make it for your family.  Your child then chooses a country at random from which to find a recipe.  It can be any country they want and there is a world map included in the workbook to help them.
    2. Once a recipe is chosen, their parents can assist them with obtaining the ingredients from the store (keep it simple or make it a challenge).  
    3. In the workbook they must write down where the recipe is from, what the ingredients are, and what kind of meal it is.


Step 2: EXECUTE: (This is about following instructions; following through with their mission plan and performing the entire process)

    1. Then they should help their parents in preparing the meal.  In our house, one child per week got to do this and so each week that particular child helped mommy and daddy prepare and serve their chosen meal for the family.


Step 3: COMMUNICATE: (This is where the cadet learns to effectively communicate and report about his mission with others)

    1. At dinner, the child shares their experience with the family.  What they share comes directly from their completed workbook page.  Photos are encouraged because they may be uploaded to the Alien website and shared with other members of the family.  This includes the 5 things about the country.


Step 4: TRANSMIT: (This introduces the cadet to report writing where they must write about their mission and then send it to star command for completion)

    1. Once the meal is finished, the child then uploads their experience onto their Alien website account and completes the online activities.
    2. Once they hit “submit”, their activity is complete and is then shared with you via your Alien website account.  You will receive an email notifying you of their accomplishment.
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