Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How much does Alien books cost and what do I get?

Registering your child as a Star Command Cadet cost $25 / year.  That includes their subscription to the website and four workbooks.  Other included items are Postcards from Wilbur, Mission Complete Certificates, Birthday Cards from Wilbur, and more.  

What happens once I register?

Once you complete the online registration form and click the Submit button, you will be taken to the Payment Page where you will complete the transaction.  You will immediately receive an email confirming your payment.

How does my Cadet login to the website?

Immediately after you register on the website and pay for the subscription, your child Cadet will receive an email with the subject heading “You have been registered on Alien Books”.  Included in that email are his/her login information (Username and Password) which they can use right away. From there they may update their profile, change their password, etc.

What are the types of Payment?

When subscribing to Alien Books or when making a purchase from the Alien Books Storefront, you may use just about any type of plastic or PayPal account.

What happens when my Cadet completes a Mission?

Each time your Cadet completes a Mission with Wilbur you will receive an email with the subject heading “(your cadets name) has just completed an Alien Books Mission”.  Included in that email are all the Mission questions and tasks along with all the answers your Cadet uploaded. It’s a great way to learn right along side your Cadet. There will also be included in your email a link to Wilbur’s Rewards Page where you can choose an encouragement prize for your Cadet.

What is Wilbur’s Rewards?

Wilbur’s Rewards in an online shopping cart filled with prizes you can send to your Cadet after they successfully complete a Mission (or anytime).  Prizes start at $2.00 and go up. Once you place your online order, Alien Books will ship the prize directly to your Cadet. Prizes are a great and easy form of encouragement and can be sent after completion of Missions, Books, or just anytime.

Will any of my or my child’s information be shared after I enter it here?

Absolutely not.  Alien Books is a 100% secured site and none of your information will ever be shared with anyone.

When can my Cadet begin working on the online Missions?

As soon as you register an email will go out to your Cadet with Login information.  Once they Login, they can start working on their Missions.

When will my Cadet receive the Alien Workbooks?

Once your registration is complete, we will begin the process and get the first book(s) off immediately.  Depending on demand, they should receive their book in 7-10 days. Ahead of that, Wilbur will send a postcard to your Cadet letting him/her know of their upcoming package.

What if I or my Cadet has a question or needs help?

We are always available either by email, text, or phone and will try to respond as quickly as possible to any questions.

Can I see and communicate with other members on the website?

Yes, once you are registered there will appear a “Members” tab in the main menu.  From there you can see and communicate with all the other Cadets on the site.

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