We are trying to get funding for Alien Books to move forward.  There are different venture capital groups out there that offer grants for entrepreneurs.  Entering into their contests is one way they do it and so below are a couple of our attempts thus far to get some funds.

This 100 second video is being used to enter into the Start Garden “100” contest.  Visit the site here!

This video was used to enter into the Start Garden “5×5” contest.

Welcome to Alien Books

The goal of Alien Books is to motivate children into exploring the world around them and help them learn to communicate with the unique cultures and peoples within it.  Each issue of Alien Books explains and demonstrates popular subjects such as cooking, fashion, sports, and music from around the globe in ways that include common use of language, customs, and traditions.  And then, through a series of workbooks and interactive online activities called “Missions”, children are challenged to discover even more on their own and then taught how to share what they have learned with others.  Visit the How It Works tab to see an example Mission and more details.

Alien activities are made up of stories, definitions, games, and puzzles based on what daily life is like around the world.  They are designed to inspire a child’s imagination and wonder of people and places yet unseen. Through these activities, Alien Books not only encourages children to learn about other countries but also to participate in unique traditions and lifestyles further enhancing their appreciation and knowledge of our global neighbors and friends.

Our children are growing up in an increasingly interconnected world.  Whether for school, family, or career, happiness and success will depend on their ability to navigate, communicate and act accordingly with the different cultures around them.  Alien Books helps children understand our cultural differences and appreciate the similarities, but most of all helps children to communicate effectively and authenticity with the people around them.


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