Multi-cultural and diversity education material cleverly disguised as space travel & alien fun!

Parents and their children engage with Wilbur the Alien & his friends in fun filled books and online activities together!  Designed for ages 4-12, Alien Books includes maps, geography lessons, cultural studies, mixing & matching games, and all sorts of fun learning opportunities. We encourage family time and want to help you and your family explore the unique cultures that make up our amazing planet! 


Amazing books

Each book explores a different topic like cooking, fashion, music, and sports. Included in the books are fun facts, mazes, puzzles, activities and more. Each book teaches children that while we are different in many interesting ways, when it comes right down to it, we are all Human Beings.


Engaging missions that partner with each book

Each book contains 8 Missions that your Cadet will complete either online or in your home with easy to find materials (Each Mission is fun not only for your Cadet but for the whole family). Learn how to make breakfast in Korea, make Rock Candy, and more!

Connecting Families

Grandmas and grandpas make the best Earth Commanders. By purchasing Alien Books for your grandchildren (cadets), you can engage in thoughtful conversations about the books and missions, as well as reward your cadets as they help Wilbur complete his multicultural missions.


If you are an elementary school teacher

Alien Books has a special program designed for the classroom including deluxe books, Common Core lesson plans, easy-to-use single website portal for all your kids, teacher discounts, FREE Giant World Wall map for your room, and more.

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